Area Information: Vernon, British Columbia

Overview: Languid tracks meander their way through paradigmatic alpine meadows bedecked with a rainbow of vibrantly colored wildflowers. This peaceful, locals' getaway offers the perfect weekend spot for someone who is looking to enjoy a variety of lift accessed trails without huge crowds clogging the runs. From green to black, Silver Star Bike Park builds their trails to keep riders entertained, but also providing them with progressively built runs that help to prepare riders when they are ready to advance to the next step.

    The resort's village alights at the mountain's halfway point, which is a unique trait, rarely found amongst North America's mountain resorts. This unique set-up allows biking and non-biking patrons alike access to inter-mountain walking and hiking trails that offer splendid views of the resort and bike runs. So when the summer biking season rolls around, make sure to escape the sweltering, low land temperatures and take your bike for a spin in the crisp mountain air welcoming you at Silver Star!

  1. Local riding area: Silver Star Mountain Resort

  2. Address: Silver Star Mountain, BC Canada, V1B 3M1

  3. Phone number: (250) 542-0224

  4. Website:

  5. Email:

  6. Elevation: 1915 m (6280’)

  7. Best time of year to visit: June-September

  8. Popular trails: Super Star, Rock Star, Pro Star, Pipe Dream.

  9. Terrain/features: huge berms, small to large double jumps, wood features, etc.

  10. Trail accessibility: lift serviced

  11. Trail variety: skills areas, multi-use/green trails, blue bike trails, black bike     

   trails, double black diamond trails.

  1. Skill levels: beginner-intermediate-advanced-expert.

  2. Recommended bike: DH, FR, AM, XC.

  3. Shuttle serviced: no

  4. Self shuttle: no

  5. Lift serviced: yes

  6. Local bike rentals: yes

  7. Local amenities: coming soon

Area Review:


  1. no crowds, progressive trails, laid back setting.


  1. n/a

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Reviewed: September, 2011