Area Information: Lyons, Oregon

Overview: The tranquil, temperate rainforest of Shellburg Falls hosts a handful of freeride trails in the mountains overlooking the tiny town of Lyons, Oregon. Lush foliage presenting itself in numerous shades of green bedazzles the eye throughout the twists and turns of this mountain bike playground. Shellburg Falls Recreational Area is reminiscent of a “mini” Black Rock, with many trails adorning wooden features and enhancements of natural obstacles allowing riders to hone there skills. This is a great place to escape the crowds and immerse oneself in the natural world.

  1. Local riding area: Shellburg Falls Recreational Area

  2. Address: 22965 North Fork Rd SE, Lyons, OR 97358

  3. Phone number: 503.859.2151

  4. Website:

  5. Email: coming soon

  6. Elevation: 1800’

  7. Best time of year to visit: May-October

  8. Popular trails: Bullet, Pusher DH

  9. Terrain/features: many wood features, drops (2’-12’), ladders, skinnies,

   log rides, lush single track, natural obstacles, dirt doubles and tabletop jumps.

  1. Trail accessibility: trails are accessed via trailheads at Freeride Area-1 and 2.

  2. Trail variety: coming soon

  3. Skill levels: beginner-intermediate-advanced-expert.

  4. Recommended bike: DH, FR, AM, XC.

  5. Shuttle serviced: no.

  6. Self shuttle: yes.

  7. Lift serviced: no.

  8. Local bike rentals: no.

  9. Local amenities: n/a

Area Review:


  1. self shuttle DH trails

  2. no crowds

  3. camping available nearby


  1. trails are short

  2. some trails are incomplete

  3. get good directions to riding location (HERE)

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Reviewed: May, 2011