Area Information: Bend, Oregon

Overview: Driving parallel to a sparkling, sapphire hued river amidst a sea of hatchback sedans befitted with bike racks, the town screams outdoor recreation. Akin to the town itself, the trail networks encompassing Bend, Oregon are fun, friendly, and well thought out. More along the lines of an all mountain bike scene, Bend's bicycle trails meander through the landscape with endless flow promising good times for all those that venture amongst the undulating trails, winding their way through aromatic pine trees. After shredding the trails, check out one of the freeride areas or dirt jumps that are connected to the trail system and hone your skills on the meticulously built slalom course, pump track or “The Lair”. Needless to say, Bend has a great vibe along with a myriad of options for one to occupy their time with; from biking to kayaking, relaxing with friends at the local brewery to countless things in between.

  1. Local riding area: Phil’s trail system

  2. Address: Bend, OR

  3. Phone number: n/a

  4. Website:

  5. Email: coming soon

  6. Elevation: 3625’

  7. Best time of year to visit: coming soon

  8. Popular trails: phil’s trail, whoops trail.

  9. Terrain/features: smooth rolling terrain, berms, skinnies, doubles, small rock

   gardens, gradual descents, slalom course, dirt jump park “The Lair”, pumptrack.

  1. Trail accessibility: trails can be accessed via Phil’s Trailhead. Whoops trail

  2. Trail variety: coming soon

  3. Skill levels: beginner-intermediate-advanced-expert.

  4. Recommended bike: AM, XC.

  5. Shuttle serviced: yes.

  6. Self shuttle: yes, whoops trail can be shuttled.

  7. Lift serviced: no.

  8. Local bike rentals: yes.

  9. Local amenities: yes, plenty of hotels, restaurants, grocery, and gas are 


Area Review:


  1. great, flowy trail system


Additional riding:

  1. Local dirt jumps: yes, ‘the Lair”

  2. Address: coming soon

  3. Phone number: coming soon

  4. Features: n/a

  5. Accessibility: n/a

  6. Skill levels: n/a

Additional riding:

  1. Local slalom/pumptrack: yes.

  2. Address: coming soon

  3. Phone number: coming soon

  4. Features: n/a

  5. Accessibility: n/a

  6. Skill levels: n/a

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Reviewed: May, 2011